Huawei: Global Operations Robust Generally

2018-12-27 14:36:43 62

Huawei issued a statement yesterday to all its employees saying that its global operations are generally robust. Regarding reports frequently appeared in the media about Huawei 5G, Huawei claims that some of those reports are inconsistent with the facts or are misinterpreted.

"At present, Huawei's business is all normal in Germany. We are in an active construction process of 5G for French operators. In Japan, we are in the middle of responding to 5G tendering and are engaged in the experimental bureau testing. Although the New Zealand government is no in full agreement with the 5G plan submitted by the operators, the regulatory process has not yet come to a conclusion and our clients all insist that they will continue their discussion with the government and they affirm that their cooperation with Huawei is subject to no alteration," Huawei explains.