Changeself has become the only supplier of China Telecom WIFI performance evaluation scheme.

2018-12-27 14:33:52 60

At the China Telecom Intelligent Terminal Technology Forum held in Guangzhou, China Telecom issued a report on the satisfaction of the whole network communication terminal.

Among them, China Telecom issued the WIFI performance evaluation, its evaluation solution by our company Changeself Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to provide! Creative Credit Test CSWIFI500_WIFI performance test solution for the real application scenarios of WiFi users to simulate, complete with automatic test software and automatically generate test reports. CREWIFI500 performance testing system provides a controllable, repeatable, realistic and objective WiFi performance testing solution, covering any possible WiFi application scenarios built in the laboratory and completely controlled, is the most realistic, from the user application scenarios for WiFi product application performance testing solutions!

CSWIFI500_WIFI Performance Testing System Builds Application Scenarios, Simplifies Testing, reduces Costs, and improves WiFi Performance Testing Efficiency.