Changeself Introduction

2018-12-24 19:12:39 49

Changeself Technology, There's only change to lead.


Changeself Technology is a technologically innovative communication testing equipment, testing software providers, mainly for telecom operators, communications equipment manufacturers, IoT industry chain, research and development institutions, testing laboratories to provide cutting-edge equipment and supporting services.Established Research and development center in Shenzhen, China in 2014. Sales companies were established in Shenzhen and the United States in 2015.


Changeself has advanced LTE(FDD/TDD)/ lte-a /eMTC/ nb-iot IoT, 5G, GNSS satellite navigation and positioning field of advanced test products and solutions.These solutions can help customers effectively develop and deploy the new generation of wireless communication terminals and the corresponding network verification environment, so that customers can complete the network simulation, terminal simulation, performance verification and other tests and assessments in advance without leaving home in the laboratory.


Changeself Technology is a leading innovator and practitioner in the Internet of things, 4G, 5G network simulation and terminal simulation, and a-gnss satellite positioning test fields.At present, the products of Changeself Technology have gained loyal customers in China and abroad,Such as: China telecom, China mobile and other operators; Qualcomm, MTK, Hess and other chip manufacturers; Apple, Huawei, Samsung and other mobile terminal manufacturers.


Changeself Technology provides you with:

4G/5G mobile network simulation test platform

A-gnss, independent GNSS test platform

IoT test solution

Test requirements for custom services

One-to-one testing consultation service precise after-sales service