Huawei’s Key to Intelligent Life

2018-12-17 19:58:24 35

AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps on the devices enable users to enjoy an intelligent life. Now, Huawei is devoted to bringing Mobile AI into users’ life by “Terminal+Cloud+AI”.

At the Fourth Annual Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day, Yang Tao, vice president of Huaiwei Consumer BG Software Strategic and Technical Cooperation, delivered a key-note speech of “Embracing an AI New Life” about Huawei’s efforts and successes in building the Mobile AI and an Enabling Intelligent Life. He pointed out that the integration of interactive technology between AI and nature would enable mobile phone to become users’ assistant, which could “know you”, “understand you” and “help you”, providing users with unprecedented digital intelligent experience. Besides, he pointed that the intelligent internet of things would improve users’ life by providing smarter connections, interactions and services.

First, the terminal’s interface will be more spontaneous. Mouse and keyboard were initially used to operate PC and surf online. And then, iPhone launched by Apple totally changed users’ experience. While with the era of intelligent internet approaching, spontaneous interaction, immersive experience and understanding of human emotions have become major features of the new era.

Building spontaneous interactions is our goal,” said Yang Tao. The reason why pictures shot by Huawei P20 Pro are more vivid than its counterparts is that P20 Pro can recognize over 500 scenes under 19 categories. P20 Pro understands users’ demands for imaging effect, reproducing the details and optimizing the picture. Meanwhile, Huawei smart phones are also equipped with its original noise reduction technology and voice assistant, which can “hear your words more clearly and understand the details” so as to meet users’ demands.

In Yang Tao’s speech, he pictured a beautiful and fantastic life. “We install many apps on our Phone to facilitate our life. However, with so many apps, it is hard to find the app we need, sometimes it even takes 10 seconds to find the right app. Now, AI technology solves this problem. The combination of voice system in AI technology with haptic technology is applied on smart phone, which knows about your using habit and provides assistance automatically. The right apps will be presented on your smart phone at the right time, the right place and in a right way, which is called Smart Service. Therefore, we do not need to download those rarely used apps on our phones. The system will remind and assist you to meet your demands.”

Second, smart internet of things is another aspect of smart life. After connecting things together, the multi-modal, cross-devices interaction becomes possible assisted by “Voice+Visual” or only “Visual”. At last, your smart phone will establish a knowledge base for all scenes. “Your smart phone will be connected with your smart microphone or smart watch, which will make your life more convenient. That will give users better experience.”

Huawei’s Mobile AI Ecological Platform is an open platform, which welcomes all developers to become a member of this “AI Family”. Currently, Huawei has built partnership with over 500 companies, including some local developers in Thailand, to explore the application and services of Mobile AI.