2018 mobile conference MWCS-2018 Shanghai MWCS

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2018 mobile conference MWCS-2018 Shanghai MWCS

2018 mobile conference MWCS, 2018 Shanghai MWCS, MWCS 2018

2018 World Mobile Conference (Shanghai)

(Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018)

The 2018 World Mobile Conference (Shanghai) sponsored by the GSMA Association (Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018, hereinafter referred to as this exhibition) will be held in Shanghai, China in June 27, 2018, as an official partner of China in this exhibition, and our unit invites your company to take part in this meeting.

The relevant arrangements for this exhibition are as follows:

The name, time, place of the exhibition

Exhibition Name: 2018 World Mobile Congress (Shanghai)

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018

Exhibition time: 29 -6 month, June 27, 2018

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

Two. The situation of the exhibition

The GSMA association is one of the three largest international organizations in the world's mobile communications industry, including more than 750 mobile communications operators and more than 220 equipment manufacturers in 218 countries and regions around the world. The World Mobile Communication Expo (Shanghai), sponsored by the GSMA Association, is one of the most influential exhibitions in the field of mobile communications in the world. The world mobile conference is a large and comprehensive exposition, mainly including the exhibition in the frontier, the thoughtful meeting activities, the rules for changing the development plan, the benefiting communication experience and so on.

The aim is to create a top event in Asia, focusing on the group and activities of mobile operators. At the world mobile Conference (Shanghai) exhibition, the mobile industry executives in the Asian region are paying close attention to the business. Many managers in the mobile industry can understand their own industry more deeply here. Many professional consumers in Shanghai can explore the future trend of the migration industry for the first time. Following the successful launch of the fourth session in 2015, we are now preparing for the fifth World Mobile conference, which is larger and more perfect in 2016.

2017 World Mobile Congress (Shanghai) Retrospect:

The 2017 world mobile Conference (Shanghai), with the theme of "The Human Element potential in human", shows how mobile technologies such as 5G, interconnected cars, the Internet of things, intelligent cities have changed all aspects of people's daily life, and how the mobile industry can create personalized experience. More than 600 exhibitors in 15 countries and regions showed mobile demeanour and 67500 visitors. A number of Companies in the mobile ecosystem and related industries provide the exhibitors with excellent product display experiences, including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, HUAWEI, ZTE, China UnionPay, Ericsson, NOKIA, Volkswagen, TOYOTA, HP, HTC Vive, Intel, Korea, and Korea. Telecom, Lenovo, Samsung Electronics, SAP, SK Telecom, snail mobile, Visa and other well-known enterprises.

The world mobile Conference (Shanghai) Conference (Shanghai) invited more than 200 outstanding leaders from various enterprises to attend the conference, including China Mobile chairman Shang Bing, China Unicom general manager Lu Yimin, HUAWEI CEO Guo Ping, CEO Andrew Penn of Australia Telecom, high pass CEO Steve Mollenkopf, and Li Tang, mayor of Yingtan, and so on. The conference attracted 3725 participants to discuss 5G, interconnected cars, Internet security, mobile payment, games, Internet of things, hardware innovation, mobile media and content, intelligent city and many other topics.

Three, the scope of the world mobile Conference (Shanghai)

Mobile phone and supporting equipment, GPS, mobile phone applications, Bluetooth equipment and related applications, wireless regional networks, antennas, power equipment, radio, PDA and supporting products, wearable products, microwave communication equipment, IP telecommunications and network products and services, IC and integrated circuits, wire and cable and e-commerce Use wait.