NOKIA Baer Zhang Qi: ready for 5G commercial end to end preparation

2018-09-25 09:43:59 5

June 28th news (Zhang Hailong) not long ago, 3GPP officially frozen the R15 standard, which means that 5G is not far from commercial. NOKIA Baer executive vice president Zhang Qi banner thinks, from 5G non independent networking standards to independent networking standards determined, the industry to 5G product research and development and planning more clear, will help 5G commercial speed increase.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, NOKIA has made a lot of contributions to the 5G standards formulation, such as NOKIA senior technical expert Bal ZS Bert e NYI as chairman of 3GPP TSG RAN, and NOKIA has led multiple 5G project teams. What is particularly worth mentioning is that NOKIA Baer has also become a bridge for 5G communication between China and Europe, so that China and Europe can reach a consensus on 5G standards as soon as possible.

Become a bridge of 5G communication between China and Europe to help the development of China 5G

NOKIA Baer has always rooted in China and innovates in China as its own development strategy. In 5G, it has established 5G First, China's First strategy, not only the global 5G R & D center in China, but also the excellent R & D team to participate in the research and development of 5G in China. More importantly, NOKIA Baer also plays the advantage of the bridge of communication between China and Europe, let China and Europe achieve a benign exchange and interaction in the standard aspect, let China's standards better join the global 5G standard discussion, and combine China's 5G innovation better with global standards, Zhang banner introduced.

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In this process, NOKIA Baer often invites standard experts in Europe to communicate in China to make them better understand the needs of China, for example, Bal ZS comes to China several times a year and communicates with China's standard organizations.

At the same time, NOKIA Baer also actively participates in the development and testing of China's 5G in the 5G research and development and testing work, whether it is the operator, the Ministry of industry and credit, the Reform Commission and the national major special.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, in the third phase of the 5G technology research and development test published by the IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group recently, NOKIA Baer became the first enterprise to complete 5G NR data connection test with the only third party test terminal to complete the 5G medium frequency radio frequency test.

In this regard, Zhang said, NOKIA is very clear that the Ministry of industry and information has proposed not only the 5G system, but also how to promote the development of the whole ecology. At the same time, the completion of the third party terminal test is also the request made by NOKIA Baer. Through the third party terminal test, we can find out what problems exist in the system and solve them, which will make the future 5G business more smoothly.

At present, NOKIA Baer is actively testing and collaborate with the third parties, including a number of terminal enterprises, testing companies, and chip enterprises.

Future X 5G is ready for end - to - end preparation

In fact, NOKIA is ready for end to end 5G. According to Zhang Qi, NOKIA has released the Future X 5G end to end architecture, covering all aspects of core network, wireless, transmission, cloud, network slicing and so on. And through the ReefShark chipset, NOKIA also greatly reduced the power consumption and antenna size, greatly improving the network performance.

At the same time, NOKIA also put forward the concept of 4.9G, through the introduction of 5G technology into the 4G network, so that users can feel the convenience of 5G network capabilities in advance.

In this year's MWC Shanghai, NOKIA Baer also highlights Future X 5G end-to-end capabilities, allowing viewers to truly feel the whole new experience of the 5G network.

For example, in the "5G New Radio" display, NOKIA Baer demonstrates the first specific function based on the first version of R15 3GPP through VR technology, highlighting the key 5G function.

In the "5G network slicing" demonstration, NOKIA Baer shows how to quickly set up resource reservation for emergency communications through network slicing in urban emergencies to guarantee key business services.