About "5G terminal product guidelines"

2018-09-21 17:51:11 14

At the "global terminal summit" held during the 2018 World Mobile conference in Shanghai, the China Mobile joint 5G terminal program member issued the 5G terminal product guidelines. Wang Hengjiang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Terminal Co., Ltd. introduced the 5G terminal product guidelines in detail. The 5G terminal product guide has made a deep analysis of the current 5G terminal's current situation, the four major problems that need to be broken down, and the suggestions for 5G terminal technology.

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Wang Hengjiang said that consumer 5G smart phones will bring experience upgrades. In terms of scenarios and requirements, users can experience more than 100 trillion speeds, about 10 times that of 4G, and can significantly enhance the mobile Internet business experience. In terms of delay, 5G end to end delay can be compressed to 20ms-40ms, which can meet cloud interaction applications, such as cloud games, office, AR applications and other needs. In terms of product and form, 5G smart phones provide a more immersive experience. There will also be more revolutionary ways of interaction, such as voice interaction, holographic projection, 3D modeling, and so on. It can also enhance the computing power of a particular business. It combines cloud computing with AI processing and video operation optimization.

Of course, 5G consumer smart terminals not only include smartphones, but the 5G era will boost the development of multi - form intelligent hardware, including CPE products and 5G PC/ tablets and VR/AR products.

In addition to consumption, 5G can also expand the smart terminal blue ocean for three types of industry terminals. It includes basic products, generic products and specific scenario products. Basic industry products including video live broadcast, telemedicine consultation and other industrial scenes have the basic access requirements of 5G network. For general purpose products, such as VR/AR and UAV, they can be applied to multiple scenarios and belong to universal applications. Some vertical industry scenes need special 5G terminals to meet the special needs of the industry.

Wang Hengjiang said, 5G terminal maturity needs to break through the four major problems. First, the choice of technical route. First of all, NSA/SA technology is to be verified. The NSA network is double connected and is more complex. SA network needs slicing to meet diversified business needs. Second, standard maturity. The time of 5G standard completion to commercial is urgent. 5G standard function and flexibility are much higher than 4G. There is still a lot of work to be done from standard landing industrialization. Third, terminal design is difficult. For chips, multimode, multi frequency, NSA/SA and advanced processes should be achieved. At the same time, there are many difficulties in radio frequency and antenna, as well as in ICBC and heat dissipation. Fourth, the maturity of the industrial chain. The new RF chips and devices lead to high terminal cost. The cost of product R & D and test verification is high. Coupled with the initial flagship product, there is no mid low end solution.

It is reported that the "5G terminal product guidelines" is the initial consensus of the "pioneer plan" members on the current industrial propulsion strategy and product requirements. It puts forward technical suggestions on the support capability of the terminal products to the 5G network architecture, the demand for the mode frequency band, the communication function of each mode, the voice scheme, and the performance of the product.

At the same time, China Mobile and 28 "5G terminal pioneers plan" members, including 6 mainstream chip enterprises, 13 mainstream terminal enterprises, 5 component enterprises, 4 instrument enterprises to sign cooperative memorandum, clear the responsibilities of all parties, urge the parties to implement consensus and commitment, effectively push into the 5G terminal industry development and incubating products.