How to test the receiving performance of WIFI

2018-09-21 13:42:43 10

With the continuous progress and development of information technology, WiFi products are constantly increasing, and WiFi equipment is constantly updated. There are many questions about the testing of the transmitting power and acceptance performance of the WiFi product equipment. What equipment or software is used to test it? Today, Xiaobian, a maker of testing technology, shares your WiFi wireless transmission and receiving performance test methods.

What is the launch power?

The transmitting power is the signal intensity of the equipment (cell phone, network card, intercom) that you use to transmit to base station. The radio transmitter outputs the radio frequency signal to the antenna through the feeder (cable), and radiates from the antenna in the form of electromagnetic wave. When the electromagnetic wave reaches the receiving location, it receives the antenna (only a very small part of the power is received) and sends it to the radio receiver through the feeder. Therefore, in the wireless network engineering, it is very important to calculate the transmitting power of the launcher and the radiation capability of the antenna.

The transmitting power of radio waves refers to the energy in the range of a given frequency band. There are usually two measurement or measurement standards.

1, power (W): linear level relative to 1 watts (Watts). For example, the transmission power of WiFi wireless network card is usually 0.036W, or 36mW.

2, gain (dBm): relative to 1 milliwatts (milliwatt). For example, the transmission gain of WiFi wireless network card is 15.56dBm.

What devices and software are used to test the radio transmitting power and receiving performance of WIFI?

For the power and receiving performance of WiFi, we can use the Agilent N4010 wireless connection instrument to test. The Agilent N4010 wireless connection instrument is a test platform to test a variety of wireless connection technology instruments, this instrument can test Bluetooth and WiFi, WLAN test. It is widely measured in conjunction with the Agilent 89601A vector signal analyzer software or N4018C/19C Bluetooth /WLAN wireless test management software, which can assess the wireless format in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band.